As people whose lives have been transformed by Jesus, we all have a story to share...

But sometimes we can struggle to find the words to talk about what Jesus has done.

That’s why, at Great Commission, we want to not only inspire a passion for sharing Jesus, but also empower you to have the confidence to talk about Him.

Our online hub connects you to a wide range of stories, tools, resources and initiatives, inspiring and equipping us to be talking about Jesus and praying for those who don’t yet know Him.

Have a look at how you and your church could use our Watch, Read, Pray and Act sections...

Great Commission is brought to you by the Evangelical Alliance, passionate about seeing the UK Church united in mission.


See how God is at work across the UK, and be inspired to join in...

At Great Commission, we want to continually encourage the Church with good news stories of people coming to faith in Jesus.

Whether it’s Joe, who detoxed himself by calling out to God and now shares Jesus in a detox centre, or Sheila, who offers to pray for people in the fish and chip shop, we want your heart to be encouraged and inspired by all God is doing across the UK.

Every week, we release a story that you can watch, download, save to a board, or share to encourage others.


Exploring together how we can grow in our heart for God and His people...

Even after we’ve heard amazing stories of Jesus transforming lives, it can sometimes be difficult to know how to take the next step and share Jesus with others.

That’s why we regularly add new articles from a variety of writers, sharing stories and top tips from their contexts, unpacking the biblical call to evangelism, and asking some of the tough questions about how we could be bolder in sharing Jesus.

These reflections take the inspiration of what we watch in the stories, and get us thinking about what this might look like in our context.


By growing in our heart for God, we grow in our heart for others...

God longs to save people and bring them into relationship with Himself. And prayer is our way of learning from God’s heart for others, and partnering with Him in His mission on earth.

We’ve brought together stories, reflections, initiatives and networks to help you use prayer in your outreach, connecting with thousands of others praying for God’s Kingdom to come in the UK.

Let’s be encouraged to pray for people to come to faith, and for ourselves and our churches to grow in boldness in talking about Jesus.


Connecting you to a wide range of evangelism initiatives, tools and resources...

Once we’re praying for God to move, and inspired to act ourselves, there’s no use in reinventing the wheel for evangelism. That’s why we’re signposting you to more than 200 fantastic tools already out there to help us share Jesus in the UK.

Whoever you’re trying to reach or whatever activity you want to run, you can easily search and find a wealth of resources to better equip you as you share Jesus in your context.


Boards allow you to easily share relevant stories, reflections and resources with groups in your church – whether that's child-friendly content for Sunday school teachers, tools aimed at young people that your youth leaders could use, or whole-church outreach ideas for the leadership team.

Lucy shares how boards have helped in their church: “Our small group was looking for relevant video resources to help us discuss outreach and evangelism together. Through Great Commission I was able to create a board to share resource ideas and videos with the other leaders of the group.”

Speak Up

If you’re confused about whether you’re even allowed to share your faith freely in the UK, check out our Speak Up guide – developed with the Lawyers’ Christian Fellowship – which encourages us with the freedoms we do have to share Jesus today.

Because, believe it or not, we actually have a lot more legal protection to share our faith than we’re often led to believe.