“Prayer is the slender nerve that moves the muscle of omnipotence.” – Charles Spurgeon

For most of us, as we look out on the current crisis across our world, it’s difficult to know how to respond. We feel utterly powerless and need to say with Jehoshaphat, “We do not know what to do, but our eyes are on you.” (2 Chronicles 20:12) Our prayers make a difference. They change our hearts and often bring a peace that is so great we cannot understand it (Philippians 4:7) and our prayers do have an impact on events in our world even if we do not perceive it (James 5:16).

So here are a few pointers to guide our prayers over the coming days:

Pray for the containment of the virus

Father, we pray that people would be wise in isolation. We pray against the virus and that its impact would be minimised. We pray for the countries that are most vulnerable and have the least resources to protect people. Would this season of suffering pass. Amen.

Pray for those who are most affected

Father, we pray healing for the sick. We pray that where people are dying you would bring life. We pray for supernatural recoveries that doctors cannot explain. We pray for the lonely and vulnerable that you would connect them with people who might support them through this time. Amen,

Pray for the NHS

Thank you, Lord, for the doctors, nurses, volunteers and other workers across our health services. We are so grateful and we pray for them today. We pray that you would protect them from illness and give them energy, stamina and compassion for those they serve. Bless them today in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Pray for the Government

Father, we thank you for our leaders. We pray for wisdom and courage for them at this time. We pray for Christian leaders that you would help them be salt and light. We pray that we might emerge from this as a stronger society. Amen.

Pray for the Church

Father we thank you that in times like this people come to know you. We pray that many may turn to you in this season of turmoil and know the peace, assurance, and firm foundation that is only found in Jesus. We pray for creativity, unity and perseverance for the church, that we would be stronger in our faith and that we would not miss this opportunity to care for those who need help and reach out to those who do not know you.

In this season, for those of us with a bit more time, let’s devote that to prayer. For those of us who are anxious and fearful, may we take those anxieties and fears to God. As a church may we unite in prayer and call out together, “Your Kingdom come, Your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.” Amen.