Mind the Gap is a six-workshop course designed to help you and your church or group shape an effective evangelism plan together.

It helps you start from wherever you are. It assumes that you want evangelism to have a central place and to move from doing evangelism to becoming evangelistic in everything you are. It is tremendously practical.

Mind the Gap’s DVDs contain all you need to run the six workshops. Use it within your home group, cell, leadership team, or with your whole congregation.

The 90-minute workshops are thought-provoking and practical, and will inspire excellence as you develop your plans about how to reach those in your area with the gospel.

The six workshops cover the following content:

  1. The Big Picture – understanding where we are and shaping our plan
  2. But I’m just an ordinary Christian – discovering how everyone can have an influence
  3. Great expectations – running attractive, relevant events and courses
  4. Will anyone turn up? – inviting people in the best way to the right event
  5. I don’t have all the answers – discussing faith without putting them off
  6. Who will we leave out? – reaching beyond the church fringe