Aimed at people at the early stage of their faith journey

World Sports Ministries believe that sport has the power to transform communities, bring hope and restoration, inspire others and provide a platform to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ. They aim to inspire people and churches to engage in sports outreach to reach all people from all nations.

They equip Churches to reach out through the following ways:

Sports Tournaments
A regular or ‘one-off’ sport tournament (E.g. 5 aside football, netball, touch rugby, tennis) with an opportunity for the gospel to be shared.

Youth Sport Leadership Programme
A leadership program designed to mentor and disciple youth. Developing their leadership, mission skills and faith.

Detached Youth Sport Ministry
Engaging with teenagers where they hang out in the community joining in or inviting them to join in with casual sports related activities (e.g basketball hoop shooting, football kick around, skate boarding etc).