Ambassadors Football Training

Ambassadors Football has developed various ways in which to train individuals and churches how to use football for ministry. Training takes place in many different forms including:

  • Weekend training events
  • Internship programme
  • Intensive courses; TREC

TREC (Training Resourcing Equipping Coaches/Churches) is the flagship training course that Ambassadors Football conducts around the world. TREC is a 35 hour intensive training program delivered at 3 different levels:

  • Introductory – General sports mission/ministry
  • Foundation – Running teams, clubs, academies
  • Advanced – Running teams, clubs, academies, TREC leadership training

Each of these levels enables coaches/leaders to have a personal development plan in sports ministry. The levels are made up of four modules that include:

  1. Practical Coaching – learning essential coaching principles and knowledge of the game by FA qualified coaches.
  2. Biblical Basis – understanding what the bible says about sports ministry. How to be a leader, how to apply biblical teaching in a sporting context, etc.
  3. Models of ministry – exploring the variety of ways and creative methods football can be used to meet people, establish new contacts and share our faith.
  4. Vision – taking what has been learned with an Action Plan that can be applied by each delegate as they return to their churches and communities.

Each TREC includes classroom and on-field training delivered by highly certified and licensed Tutors and experienced missionaries. The main focus of the program is to train Christian coaches to influence others and in the process mentor and disciple their players in Christ.


The Great Commission’s all about inspiring a passion for evangelism in our communities, empowering each one of us, and our churches, to be talking about Jesus – showing God's love in words as well as deeds.
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