About Boards

Boards are your way of collating, organising and sharing resources that are listed on the Great Commission website.


Boards allow you to easily share relevant stories, reflections and resources with groups in your church – whether that's child-friendly content for Sunday school teachers, tools relevant for young people for your youth leaders to see, or whole-church outreach ideas for the leadership team.

You can also create boards for your friends, bringing together inspiring stories for them to watch at home.

Lucy shares how boards have helped in their Baptist church:

Our small group was looking for relevant video resources to help us discuss outreach and evangelism together. Through Great Commission I was able to create a board to share resource ideas and videos with the other leaders of the group. This helped us come up with a plan and way forward.


1) Register

To create your boards, first you need to register on the Great Commission site.

2) Create your boards

When you're logged in, enter Your profile and click on the Create a board button on the bottom right.

3) Add to boards

There are three ways to add content to your boards:

You can add any video, reflection or resource page to a board by clicking on the 'Add to a board' button within that page:

You'll find this button on every resource on the site

One of the easiest ways is to drag and drop cards into the drop-down list. This boards list will automatically appear at the top of your screen when you are logged in and you drag a card towards it. Try out our demo below:

This is a card - they appear all over the site and each represents a resource, video or article.

Now click and hold one of these cards, and simply drag it upwards towards the sample board.

Once you've positioned the card on top of the board you want to add it to, simply release the mouse and the card will be added to that board.

You can use this quick-access function button to quickly add a card to a board.

Simply click 'Add to board' and then select which board you would like to add it to.

3) Share your boards

To share your board with others, simply click the share icon on the top right hand corner of your board's page, and send that link to those who you'd like to access the board.

Sample Boards

Here’s some we did earlier…



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