Inspiring and equipping you to make Jesus known

Evangelism’s all about a heart for God and a heart for people.
Ever wished there was one place where you could explore the tools and resources out there to help you share your faith?

As people whose lives have been changed by Jesus, we all have a story to share. And there’s no set formula or method for how we should talk about Jesus with those around us.

Sometimes we can struggle to find the words to talk about what Jesus has done, so here are a few ways in which Great Commission could inspire and equip you to be talking about Jesus…


Stirring your heart

Our Watch section is all about sharing good news stories, inspiring you to be talking about Jesus.

Be encouraged by hearing what God is doing all across the UK, as Jesus changes people’s lives. You can also be inspired by stories of how others are sharing Jesus with those around them.

There’s a new story available every week to share and freely download, so why not take a look and be inspired!

Engaging your head

Evangelism’s all about a heart for God and a heart for people.

Our Read section helps you think through how you personally can be sharing your faith, combatting the fears and doubts which can hold you back, and feeling more confident in the story you have to share.

There’s also plenty on what the Bible has to say about our witness, and reflections to help you understand sharing faith in the UK context.

And if you’re confused about whether you’re even allowed to share your faith freely in the UK, check out our Speak Up guide – developed with the Lawyers’ Christian Fellowship – which encourages us with the freedoms we do have to share Jesus today.

Praying with your spirit

Because prayer is a vital component of our mission, in our Pray section you’ll find stories and reflections to encourage you in prayerful outreach – praying for people to come to faith, and for yourself and your church to grow in boldness in talking about Jesus.

You’ll also find links to tools which help you use prayer in your outreach, and to networks where you can connect with others who are praying for God’s kingdom to come in the UK.

After all, we’ll only grow in our heart for God and His people – and become bolder in sharing Jesus – through spending time in God’s presence.

Using your hands

Ever wished there was one place where you could explore the tools and resources out there to help you share your faith?

Our Act section brings together more than 200 resources to help you and your church as you talk about Jesus.

Take a look at our Equipping Christians section, where you’ll find a wide range of resources to help you share your faith, including:

You can also explore all kinds of outreach tools, including initiatives to help you share your faith online, ideas for sports outreach and tools to help your friends start to explore Christianity.


We really hope you find Great Commission useful in helping you share your faith with those around you.

  • Do get in touch to tell us how you’ve been inspired, or what else you’d love to see on the site.
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The Great Commission’s all about inspiring a passion for evangelism in our communities, empowering each one of us, and our churches, to be talking about Jesus – showing God's love in words as well as deeds.
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