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Speak Up has been publicly commended by the Prime Minister, and has been widely welcomed, with more than 75,000 copies ordered so far. In response to this, we have hosted seminars, talks and presentations at various churches, work associations, firms, festivals, Bible Colleges, and unity groups all over the country. During these events, we unpack the most pressing socio-political and legal issues, challenges and opportunities Christians are facing, and how we should respond. The feedback has been amazingly encouraging.

Speak Up seminars seek to cover the following two areas:

  1. What’s the cultural landscape and what are the challenges of talking about Jesus in our society? Is there still space in our society for Christians to talk about Jesus and share the gospel? We will look at the trends in our culture and society, and the challenges faced by Christians. There will be a focus on the freedom that the law gives all people to talk about their faith, and the opportunity this provides for Christians to speak about Jesus.
  2. What are our legal freedoms and how can we make the most of them? Speak Up was designed to inform the church in the UK that we live in a society (despite some reports in the press) whereby the laws have been designed to safeguard the rights and freedoms to share, discuss and debate the gospel – and indeed faith in general. While there are traps that we can fall into, it is important that we use these rights or indeed we could lose them.

A Speak Up seminar could look like:

7pm Refreshments
7:30pm Welcome and worship (led by local leaders)
7:50pm Socio-political context for gospel freedoms (Dr Dave Landrum)
8:15pm Legal overview of freedoms with focus on work place (Richard Godden)
8:45pm Prayer
9:00pm Q&A, close and informal questions for those wanting to know more.

Participants benefit from Speak Up seminars in the following ways:

  • Participants will be informed of the most pressing current issues related to threats trying to silence the voice of the Church in public life and opportunities.
  • Participants will gain clarity about the great deal of legal freedoms to share the gospel, in public, at home, at work and online, despite some serious challenges.
  • Participants will be encouraged to use these freedoms wisely, prayerfully and lovingly, avoiding subtle traps out there.
  • Participants will learn the importance of exercising our freedoms confidently and responsibly, so we continue to secure them in our society.
  • Participants will help to dispel the cloud of doubt, and gain renewed confidence to share Jesus.

If you are interested in hosting a Speak Up event or inviting a speaker from the Speak Up team, please email us.



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