There’s an urgency in the heart of the Holy Spirit that is encouraging and engaging His Church into prayer. “Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven” is being made a reality through faithful Christians who stand in the gap, watching over their given areas of responsibility, across families, schools, offices, cities and nations.

As David was instructed to “go up, and raise an altar to the Lord” (2 Samuel 24:18), I believe that we too are being asked by the Holy Spirit to raise up ‘spiritual focus areas’ in the places where most of our time is spent on a daily basis. As every man, woman and child takes their place in raising up prayer, I believe that the Lord will respond to the heart cry of His people (2 Samuel 24:25b).

Prayer spaces are part of enabling God’s restoration and the establishment of his kingdom in the home, workplace or school, city and even the nation.

Why a prayer space?

Within the span of twenty-four hours, most of our time is spent at home, travelling or at our workplace or school. Therefore in our church the question arose: “what if we built specific areas to pray in those places on a regular basis, and encountered the Lord there?” Not a physical altar, but a place and time which we regularly dedicated to God and prayed to him. We believed we would begin to see changes in the spiritual atmosphere and on a natural level.

The concept of a focused prayer area is not something new. It’s been in existence throughout the Old Testament, seen in the lives of Abraham, David and Elijah to name a few. The Lord would always visit focused areas and make his presence known. Prayer spaces are part of enabling God’s restoration and the establishment of His kingdom in the home, workplace or school, city and even the nation.

After all, if the Church does not pray and usher in the life and light of Jesus, who will?

These prayer spaces are where heaven connects with earth. As we stand in the gap “the fragrance of Jesus” is spread, establishing his promise. It is a place of preparation, that the “King of glory may come in”, ushering his life and light to dispel darkness. It’s also a place to encounter his mercy and blessing (Psalm 145:9).

What do we do?

As a church, everyone, from the youngest to the oldest, has been mobilised to create specific spaces of prayer where they are. So all across our city we’re seeing Christians regularly pausing to pray for their place and the people there.

These are general guidelines we use for building a prayer space – for just three to five minutes each day:

All across our city we’re seeing Christians pausing to pray for their place and the people there.
  • Choose a place to “stand in the gap” regularly (e.g. your school playground, office desk, bus stop or tube station).
  • There’s no need to attract attention or cause a disturbance – this is time for silent communication between you and God.
  • Ask God’s forgiveness for any sins, injustices and unrighteous acts committed in the location.
  • Declare the promises of God using scriptures. Invite His presence and blessing. Follow up with specific prayer needs for that location.
  • Invite God’s presence – ask for Him to bring His light and life into the atmosphere, and for people around to encounter God’s love.
  • Revisit any specific words from God which you or others have had for that location. Pray about those.

Our church’s story

We began this process with a 21-day fast. As young and old were encouraged to build a prayer space, we’ve seen three different types of area built:

  1. The family prayer space. Families were encouraged to come together to ask God’s blessing, peace and protection over the family. Family members who did not believe were also invited, but not forced. Many spouses who were not Christian joined in, and saw God move miraculously.
  2. The workplace/school prayer space. Each individual has been placed in specific places to be a channel of God’s blessing, whether that’s in the workplace, school or home. Official prayer meetings starting in schools, people coming to faith, individuals getting promoted, and injustices being exposed in workplaces are just some of the testimonies we’ve received.
  3. The corporate worship and prayer space. There is a desire in the heart of God to meet His people when they come together corporately. Our corporate prayer and worship focus was on the city and the local community. We’ve seen many prophetic words, miracles and opportunities to witness and serve the local community open up.

As a church, we regularly remind everyone to be faithful in their God-given assignment.

If my people, who are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land. (2 Chronicles 7:14)

I would encourage you to never wait until tomorrow. Start taking time to regularly pray to God in the place where He’s placed you.

God is waiting to partner with you. Take ownership of the place entrusted you – the fruit from your investment in prayer will be reaped by many generations to come.