Gavin shares why we're so passionate about joining with Thy Kingdom Come to pray for others to meet Jesus

Many thanks to Thy Kingdom Come for creating this video with Gavin Calver.

Here at the Evangelical Alliance, we are passionate about seeing people in the United Kingdom and further afield, come to know the Lord Jesus, as their personal Lord and Saviour
I personally am committed to doing anything I can, with the little I have, to seeing many others come to know Jesus
But being honest, this all starts with prayer
It doesn't start with us just going out and being active, it starts with us praying for those we want to meet Jesus
That's why in these last couple of years, I have been blown away by the movement that is Thy Kingdom Come
Something started to try and catalyse prayer that people might meet Jesus, has exploded into a global movement
And I cannot encourage you strongly enough, to engage with this, to be part of it, to pray for those we want to meet Jesus, that the world might know that there is a saviour, and He brings hope
And His name is Jesus
So, please go onto the website thykingdomcome
global There you can pledge to pray
You can join this global movement
Particularly the 10th of May to the 20th of May, will be 10 days of prayer
Where all over the planet, many Christians will be praying that the world might meet Jesus
As an Evangelist myself, I simply cannot believe that this move of God is going on in our time
And please, my friends, do join in because we are desperate that the Great Commission might begin to be fulfilled in our day, and that people might find hope, that they themselves might come to know Jesus