We asked a range of people what they thought about prayer and evangelism. Here's what they said!

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See, one of the most amazing things about evangelism is that God is already at work
God is doing work in the lives of every single person and we're invited to join in with that great mission of God
Revivals throughout the UK have always started when people have prayed
I hear that call to prayer all over the nation
And I think on the back of that call to prayer the next thing that we're going to see is the church getting a heart for those who are not yet saved
The praying starts first with me, for God to change my heart
And then I think we start to look out and pray for opportunities
I used to be so caught up in the right words and the right time and getting it right for God, not mucking it up"
And now I just, I pray for the opportunity and then just leave the rest to God
It's often in our own strength that we're trying to see people come to Christ, so praying, "God would You open their heart, "that they would see You and know You
I think praying empowers our evangelism
In year seven, my form tutor was a Christian and I used to go out of my way to annoy her and mock her faith
So, about a year after I became a Christian and word got round at my old school and I found out through my friends that my year seven teacher was just completely overjoyed, Massively shocked
Because she hadn't stopped praying for me since I was in year seven, that one day I would give my life to Christ