God told Sam to go out into the streets of Chester and start praying for people. Here's his story of what he's seen and learnt.

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- I wanted to know if there was more than just telling people that they shouldn't go to hell.
And so I asked God, and God just led me out onto the street and just said start praying for people.
My name's Sam and this is my story.
And we were praying for a guy and suddenly he was just like God's not real, God doesn't exist.
And so I just said what's wrong with your elbow?
And he took off his jacket and he had just a massive scar running all the way through his elbow and he couldn't straighten it past here.
So, we put our hand on his elbow and we just commanded in Jesus' name commanded that it would be healed.
And he straightened it out to about here having not been able to straighten it from here and he jumped back and he was like what have you done, what did you do?
How did you do that?
And we just said it's God.
Like we don't know, we just bring God into a situation and He just does stuff.
And then what excited me the most is this guy that didn't believe in God, who was saying God didn't exist, he prayed for his own elbow in Jesus' name.
I share my faith in Jesus by just telling people they're amazing.
From what I learned of who I am, it allows me to encourage other people in who they are.
So, one of the guys in work just he wanted significance in career, so I would just tell him that he was significant every day.
And just try to encourage him in everything he did.
And I would just tell him stories about what I was doing out in the streets just praying for people and when he was on his own he would really open up and he'd be like tell me more, I want to know more.
So, I prayed for him and just asked the Holy Spirit to come and he just kind of stood there."
And the next day I came back and he said, "When you prayed for me I didn't tell you but "I just felt immense heat just all over my body.
And he's like, "Is that normal?
And I just was like well I've heard it's normal but it's God.
God has blurred the lines that I used to have.
I used to have the thought that someone that knew God and loved God was somehow superior to someone that hated God."
And God said, "No, I love them.
"And you disciple them because I love them "not because they love me.
What I love about sharing my faith, especially giving words of knowledge, is that I have to be speaking to God.
One of the funnest questions I like to ask is God show me your heart for them.
And through that prayer He reveals it and ask and expect.
I expect God to speak because God is a God that loves and He loves to have conversations with you.
He loves to hear your prayers and He loves to respond.
So, not only do I pray more but I expect and I listen more.
I haven't always been confident in sharing my faith.
While I was in university I would steer clear from it unless it was really easy.
But since God has shown me how significant I am because of what He did for me.
It's not a case am I confident in sharing my faith.
It's a case of it's too important not to.