When I pray, I see a new United Kingdom. A kingdom where citizens are surrendered to God and His leadership. Where people draw great comfort in difficult times from Jesus’ words and His example. Where communities make Christ the anchor of their lives, doing good things with great compassion. I see a new United Kingdom where every person of any colour or race is accepted without prejudice, equally respected and deeply valued.

This vision is something I believe is also shared and championed by our Queen. Her annual Christmas message doesn’t just contain words of hollow comfort or empty encouragements, but they are a prayer to God, revealing her love for Him and for this nation. Those words reveal her vision for the UK to be on fire for God.

I am deeply encouraged to see the defender of faith in our nation declaring Jesus as Lord, and I want to join her prayers for revival. If we listen carefully, I think we can hear her calling all of us to accept everyone as our neighbour, no matter what race, creed or colour, and to be united first and foremost around Jesus.

I believe that the UK needs revival now more than ever. When I look at our nation and the struggles it’s facing at the moment, I see that people are crying out for hope, security and love. As Christians, we know that the salve to every division and the answer to every issue we face can be found in the person of Jesus Christ. He is our sure hope and firm foundation in the storm, and we need His intervention today.

Nehemiah thought his nation needed God’s interventions too. He couldn’t bear all the bad news about his nation; the broken walls of Jerusalem had broken his heart too. He could no longer stand by and watch his nation in ruins whilst he served in the palace of King Artaxerxes.

The first thing Nehemiah did was to take responsibility for his part in the problems he could see. He took his heartbreak to God in prayer, repenting for his part in the chaos, and reminding God of His promises to the nation. Then he asked God for help to rebuild his nation (Nehemiah 1).

We can learn a lot from Nehemiah, when it comes to our attitude towards praying for revival. It has to start with us coming before God, recognising our faults and trusting that He is the only one who can bring hope and resolution. 

There is no nation that can build itself except the Lord builds it (Psalm 127:1), and so we must start to pray to God for revival in the United Kingdom.

Inspired by the vision of our Queen and the prayers of Nehemiah, let’s be a church who rises up to pray for revival in our nation. In our country’s hour of need, let’s pray earnestly for our fellow citizens, asking above all else that Jesus would be made known through our land.

Would you join us in the months to come as we seek the Lord in prayer for revival? Will you raise your voice and play your part in seeing God’s kingdom come here in the UK?