After struggling with the pain of being left by her husband, Adele was blown away by the forgiveness of Jesus.

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I was brought up in an environment where I was stupid, I was worthless, I wouldn't amount to much
My name's Adele and this is my story
Before I became a Christian my life was riddled with fear
My life was dominated by lies
It was a very broken life, and because these lies dominated my life I made very many poor choices
Well, I was married for 10 years and it was a chaotic marriage because both me and my husband were both broken people
We didn't know the word of God
The word of God wasn't anything that was ever introduced to me
My husband at that time went into a rehab and went away with somebody else"
I was left devastated and I was left with children
I was on my knees and I was saying, "God, I can just about cope with anything except for my children growing up and feeling and being treated the way I've been
And I cried out to God and God came
What made me follow Jesus was all my life I sought pleasure outside the will of God
I didn't know that
I took painkillers in all sorts of different ways and when I started to explore Christianity one of the greatest revelations I got was forgiveness was the greatest painkiller there is
And once I received not only forgiveness for me but I was able to forgive others, I started to live in a level of freedom I didn't know was possible
When He revealed to me that the sins that had been committed against me, for example my husband going away with somebody else, when I had the revelation that God died for that sin and that if I would give it to Him that it would no longer have an effect and that blew my mind
It says in the Bible that God's kindness leads you to repentance and as God revealed His kindness to me I was a very hurt, frightened individual, but He gently revealed Himself and so walked me through all the different areas in my life I was broken and brought healing and turned it, made it beautiful
God's forgiveness, I believe, is so much more powerful than we really understand and that's why I so understand when God says we have to forgive others also so that He can truly heal and set us free from the sin that keeps us wounded and powerless
I can't help but share my faith in Jesus with others
I just get alongside people I believe to be raw and real, to speak into the difficult situations, to just listen to people that maybe others wouldn't take the time to listen to
I tell people what happened to me and tell them I was once like that to teach them about forgiveness and how all the pain you're in could be erased