Afsar was brought up in a Muslim family. This is his amazing story of how he became a follower of Jesus.

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My father is a Pakistani Muslim and and my mother is an English Christian.
When my parents got married, my father forced my mother to become a Muslim.
In response to this my mum, she prayed that one of her sons would become a Christian.
My name's Afsar and this is my story I was born and bred in North-west London, as a Sunni Muslim.
went to primary school When I went to primary school, my father was always at the school gates - at Easter time and Christmas time, to take us out of school, so that we would not hear the messages of these Christian events.
My parents decided to emigrate to Canada.
My father was going through all of my belongings and he came across this little New Testament and I saw a lot of fear and a lot of anger in his eyes.
He was very, very angry and I wondered why?
After arriving in Toronto, I began meeting Christians and to be honest I thought these Christians stark raving bonkers.
We then moved to another city, close to Toronto, and there too Christians began sharing the gospel with me.
My brother and I at that time we applied to work on a summer farming program.
Now at this course I met a very zealous Christian young lady.
But no matter what she said and no matter how much she argued, I would not accept the message of Issa.
So towards the end of the seminar she said:"
"I'm going to prove to you that my God is a real God.
I'm going to pray a prayer that you go on a farm, at which all are born again Christians and you hear the gospel every day for two months."
I immediately said to her:
"we do not tell allah what to do, he tells us what to do - it's the other way round."
And she said:
"well I believe that, you know, my God is going to answer this prayer.
And I said no he's not, and she said yes he is, and I said no he's not.
So I went home packed my little suitcase and I was assigned to a farm near Lake Erie, my father dropped me off.
I knocked on the door and this gentleman answered the door.
I noticed behind him a picture of what I thought was Jesus.
I said is that Jesus behind you and he said yes.
And I said are you a Christian?
And he said I'm a born-again Christian, and my heart began to beat a little faster.
And I said are you married?
And he said yes.
And I said is your wife a Christian?
And he said she's a born again Christian.
I said do you have any children?
And he said I have three daughters and he said we are all born again Christians in this house.
Well I was shocked.
I couldn't work out how this young lady had managed to get a prayer answered by allah.
I'd never heard of anything remotely like that in Islam.
I'd never heard of an answered prayer.
I went home and for the next 3 years I read the Bible in secret.
It came to a head when I went to a film at the University and through this film I felt God saying and challenging me to become a follower of Issa Again I didn't have a lot of understanding even though I had been reading, I didn't know a lot of Christian language or jargon.
But I went home and I said to my father, I said and I want to become a Christian and he said five words to me he said:
"pack your bags and go."
So I did pack my bags and I bunged them in my old banger and I left the next day.
And I had five places to stay by the end of that first day.
And my university chums, they rallied around me to provide those places.
I'd waited so long to become a believer, I wanted to go to church that night.
It wasn't a Sunday, it was a Friday and I found an advertisement for a rock concert at a local Pentecostal church.
It said free for all, please come so I decided to go.
And I went to this Pentecostal church and I hate to say it but my first church experience was a deep sleep on the back pew.
But after the concert, the assistant minister - he woke me up and he offered me money, he thought actually I was homeless.
I was in a bit of a state but I said no I don't want any money but I said I'd like to become a Christian, and he said:
"step into my office."
And I knelt down, I knelt down and received the Lord into my heart.
I said I'm sorry for my sin, received him as my Saviour and my Lord and Master.
And it's the best decision I've ever made in my life.