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I was sat in the hospital chair, and I just said, I just prayed to God.
I said: "look if you are there, and you can hear me, please basically save my son. Make him better."
Within several weeks of calling out to God and God answering my prayer and placing people in my life, who were there to support me, and encourage me, I found that I'd detoxed myself within a few weeks.
I gained a strength quite quickly, that I'd never had before.
When I had my first moment with Jesus Christ, it was just so powerful, so tangible, so real. It was like, here it is.
Peace, that's it, like peace.
I used to have such bad anxiety I thought I'd get a heart condition.
I wouldn't trade that for anything.
That's what God has given to me that I did not have before: peace, peace of mind.
We've got a whole group of people in our community, where there's no community building, there's no church and it's how do you take the gospel of Jesus Christ to that group of people?
I was in the fish and chip shop the other day and an elderly man told me, it was his turn to do the tea because his wife wasn't well.
He was very tired so I asked him, could I pray for him.
He was astonished but he was really glad.
And I prayed for him, in the fish and chip shop.
When we talk about the great commission, I believe it's saying "yes" to God, saying "yes" to his mission, saying "yes" to his conviction, saying "yes" to Him being known in the nation we are in.
Because when we say nothing, we're actually saying "no".
The heart of the gospel for me, is that we need to re-discover and think of ways, how can we reach lost people with the good news of Jesus?
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