After going into church to sell drugs, the support Asha received empowered her to give up drugs and give her life to Jesus instead

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A guy that used to buy drugs off me, he was standing there, he's like, "Wow, you've changed so much. You could never have made a better decision."
And I say, "I know that. There's no turning back for me, definitely not."
My name's Asha, and this is my story
When I talk about church, I say I'm part of church, because I was never a part of anything, never part of my family
I grew up with six, five
six girls, two boys in the family, my mum and dad
I actually left the house when I was 12 years old
Started drinking when I was 12, and that progressed to drugs when I was 14
Throughout my life, I've done a lot of dishonest things, and I used to sell drugs
I actually sold drugs on this street for 12 years, and I never ever knew the church was there
Never knew it was a church
One day I walked into that church, in a recovery cafe that was on and I actually walked in to sell drugs, but God never let that happen.
God actually put somebody in my path that day.
I'd seen what people had in the church, and I was like, "I want some of that."
We were doing a Bible study, Adele said, "If you let Jesus into your heart, you'll be forgiven for all your sins."
And that just spoke volumes to me
I wanted to do that
Through all that, I never had to use, because the church were guiding me through
I've never had to use drugs again, and I just thought that was absolutely amazing"
So, I got baptised, and I was actually able to forgive myself for a lot of things that I'd done
I'd never had a connection with my mum because she used to beat me when I was younger, and the first time I ever went back, she says to me, "I have my sixth daughter back
That was just amazing
And I wasn't allowed to see my wee boy through having seven court cases against me for selling drugs and shoplifting, but with coming to church and doing the things that I do, all these court cases just disappeared"
It was just
I was like, "Thank you, God."
It was just amazing
Having a life with Jesus is just the best thing ever, and if you don't try it, how are you going to know
I was totally broken when I got here, but I feel alive again
I do feel like a kid again, but I'm learning how to live again