Watch X Factor finalist Ashley's incredible story of discovering his true value and self-worth, but not where you'd think.

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At the age of two I was put into foster care and between the ages of two and eighteen, I lived with four different foster families.
And I also lived in a care home, so that's five moves, five utterly crazy upheavals.
The second home I moved in to her name was Cissy, she was a larger-than-life Jamiacan lady, a big character.
I felt at home with Cissy.
However at the age of about eight years old, Cissy decided she no longer wanted to look after me.
It's very hard to articulate that feeling of despairing about your future.
All the homes I lived in, I knew that the foster parents, at some point, would kick me out of their house.
I was always preparing for rejection.
When I moved to Peckham, I lived with a foster lady and though the placement was quite cold for me she went to church.
And slowly but surely I opened up and I began to hear things that were very alien to me.
Things like I had a purpose, that I had a Father in heaven who had a divine plan for me.
I heard about the kingdom of heaven, and I remember the night that I gave my life to Christ.
I was out shopping with my foster mum and as we were at the supermarket, I came across the site of a random man with his son.
Father and son, the father was play fighting with his son, and he picked up this kid, he started swinging him around and as I saw that image, for some reason these feelings of anger, jealousy, despair, rejection just broke out inside of me.
And I remember just carrying all this stuff inside until we got home.
As we got home I ran to my bedroom, broke down in my bedroom with no one watching and I just cried like a baby.
But as I was there I cried out to God, if what I hear about you in church is real, if you can be a father to the fatherless, I need you to be my father.
God came in the room, he hugged me, I could feel his presence, at that moment I gave my life to Christ.
Where it talks about God taking you from glory to glory, God has literally done that with my life.
Towards the end of university some mates dared me to audition for the X-Factor and I did, and within months I'd made it to the live finals of a show in a boy band.
And we were tipped to win, like we did really well, you know a major record deal, fame, good money it was like on the precipice.
I remember week four of the live shows, so at this point we're famous - the country's watching us every week on telly As clear as day you know, I felt God say Ashley, this isn't for you.
I decided to quit.
When you claim to follow the voice of the Holy Spirit, that's somethig you've got to follow.
I had no idea of where God was leading me but I quit the show.
And it was the toughest decision I ever had to make.
What's amazing is that I'm seeing the fruit of that, I'm seeing the fruit of obeying God.
As soon as I left the X-Factor BBC3 offered me the chance to present a documentary about my life in care, and in that documentary I got to speak about Jesus.
That is a fruit of listening to the Holy Spirit.
And now I'm a BBC news reporter/producer I get to share my story around the country.
I feel like I'm doing it according to His plan, I am so healed, in so many ways - good relationships and such a bright hope for my future, God has absolutely done a miracle in my life and he will continue to outwork that.