In his own words, Atem went AWOL from God as a teenager. Watch his story of how he came to follow Jesus and why he's excited about his future.

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In my teens from about 17 to about 23 that's when I went a bit awol and was fully invested into the world.
God really didn't mean anything to me I didn't have a relationship with God at all.
My name's Atem and this is my story.
My life before I became a Christian was very much partying, women, drinking, alcohol.
Like all of that was in this concoction, this whole spindle and that was my life.
It spanned for quite a long time, for about 5 or 6 years.
God had to take me all the way to Spain and that's when I sort of separated from my friends, and wasn't hanging around with them and everything sort of ran its course.
And then I started soul-searching.
A point where I started to think a lot about life was when my brother passed away and I got to the point where I started to think what next?
What can happen next in my life?
And that's when I started to realise that life is too short because your here one minute and your gone the next so that was the start of my path to finding out what life's about and that was sort of the end of the course, when all of the partying sort of ran out.
And then I started to remember all of the things that I learnt when I was a child.
I remembered going to church and that's when I sort of started to pick up a Bible and that's when it all began from there.
In December 2013 that's when I humbled myself and decided to make a conscious choice to to first of all just read about the Lord and just find out more about who Jesus is and the story behind it.
And through that two week period was quite quite amazing for me because in that two week period I got demonically attacked which is something that has never happened to me before.
When I went to sleep, I literally felt like something or someone was dragging me out of my bed.
And this went on for about two weeks and this kept on happening again and again I felt really weird.
And then I just had to pray I just prayed, asked God, please take this away from me.
And then it went away, came back a few days later as I kept on, I wasn't giving up reading the Word, so I kept on reading the Word, reading the Word.
And then after that went away I decided to pray and ask the Lord, because I really felt that the Lord wanted me to do film-making.
So I just prayed and asked the Lord - is film where you want me to go?
Is this what you want me to do?
I need to know yes or no.
And I heard it as clear as day, He just said "yes," it was a simple yes.
And that was the first time I heard from the Lord.
Even in my early days when I gave my life to the Lord, my heart was still bad.
So just in terms of walking down the street looking at women, looking at things, my heart was still thinking the same things I was thinking of.
So I'm still human now, of course, but the Lord has changed me.
He's cleaned up my heart from the inside out and that's been the biggest change.
I'm really excited I think, more than anything, more than any other position I've been in, in my life.
Because it's just, with the Lord you never know quite where He takes you.