Balbinder could not find peace, despite trying all sorts of different ideas, until she met Jesus Christ.

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My mum always brought us up with discipline and good morals and she brought me up to know our Sikh background and we are to follow the ten gurus and the Sikh scriptures.
My name is Balbinder, and this is my story.
Even as a Sikh, you know, when I had my problems or anything, I would go to anybody.
If they said:
"Oh do this - like a lucky charm" I would do that but nothing provided peace.
I started exploring Christianity, it was just by accident, it was just a phone call to a friend, who I spoke to time-to-time.
And I was in despair with my older son and I was crying on the phone to her, just to have a heart-to-heart with her.
So when I called her, she confessed that she had accepted Jesus, in the beginning of that year."
So she said to me:
"that if you really want help, only one person can help you, and that's Jesus."
So she said:
"when you put the phone down, with all your heart, with faith, pray to him, and he will help you.
So I put the phone down before going to bed and I prayed to the Lord and three days later I received a Bible from my friend.
The Holy Spirit, through the Bible, was just talking to me.
Every little answer or question I had in my heart or mind That word, that scripture would come and speak to me.
And I was just in awe and amazement that this is real, God is talking to me.
Most of my life I was looking for God, as your a young child growing up, you know, you wonder why are we here?
Is there a God?
And every time I did pray in my Indian scriptures I used to imagine a God and just wanted that peace.
And in my house I had Buddha's, I had everything, just that desire to know God.
Jesus' forgiveness means life to me.
He died on the cross for me, a sinner.
I was a sinner, but before that I did not think I was a sinner.
God just showed me how much of a sinner I am, and it just shows me the love of God that has poured out Jesus on the cross, died for my sins, he took all my filth and all my sin upon himself.
He did not deserve to die but he died for me.
So it means the life to me.
Because I had been a Sikh for 50 years plus, when I turned to Christianity, my daughter she actually sort of retaliated and she started going to the gurdwara, which she never did before.
Just to annoy me.
It used to upset me, then God spoke to me that I have to show her love.
If I get angry or, you know, that's not showing her so I used to just say:
"ok" but I continued to pray for her.
And secretly she was reading, on her phone, the Bible.
And the verse that came to her was about Nicodemus.
Talking to Jesus when Jesus said that you have to be born again.
And she said it would not go from the app and it just spoke to her, and she was ready to give her life to Jesus.
I know the true living God now, whom I did not know before and its only through the Word of God and through the Holy Spirit that Jesus has truly touched me, touched