Gavin Calver, Director of Mission for the Evangelical Alliance, gives his personal thanks for all your support in the last year

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Hi, I'm Gavin Calver Director of Mission at the Evangelical Alliance
A couple of years ago we had this amazing vision to create a one
stop evangelism online website where'd you get all you needed to be inspired to be confident in the Gospel, to be resourced, to be helped, to be equipped, to pray, and to act in making Jesus known in our day
And now we celebrate one year of greatcommission
I'm so grateful to many who have told their story of how Jesus has changed their lives, to others who've shared resources, to others still who've written blog pieces, to those who've prayed
If we keep working together we could see this nation changed
But in this moment we just say thank you
Thanks for being involved, thanks for joining the journey
thanks for making your contribution
Let's all keep doing so as we seek to make Jesus known together in our land, in our day
God bless you, thank you so much
And let's all believe that the best is yet to come