This is a great story of two families choosing to live life together in Blacon and share the gospel of Jesus Christ with the people around them.

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My name's Jen, and this is my story.
My name's Ed, and this is my story.
My husband and I have been in this house for 11 years.
So I live on a housing estate.
We're in a three-bed semi in Blacon.
Like every housing estate across the country there's areas of poverty and problems and all the rest that goes with that.
There was just one time I was like - "God why am I walking some of these streets?"
Because they're just not that pleasant and things you hear and see and he clearly said - "because Jesus walked here."
So we bought our house next door to our good friends Mike and Jen and their kids, deliberately to do life together, basically create an extended family, between the two houses and make it one home.
So between us we've got seven children, and they are now being brought up as siblings.
Our missional community here in Blacon, is really us trying to do life together, in a genuine way, that lives out our faith and our values but also has an open kind of door really, to whoever wants to be part of that.
And people actually really want something like that.
Why do we live the way we do?
What is it that we believe in?
And they just want a bit more of that, so we say, "well come and do a bit life with us."
Sharing my faith has been walking with people for a long time.
For about five or six years we really invested a lot of time in some families here.
And its through that long haul of sharing your faith with people that actually we've seen the best things happen.
We have seen God's faithfulness and we just can't keep that to ourselves.
We've just got to give that hope to people, and you only do that by spending time with people - so that you make yourselves vulnerable with them.
And in time if they want to, they make themselves vulnerable with us and we can just share experiences.
There was one mum at the school who sadly lost her daughter.
So my husband and I were leading a church at the time.
And my husband dedicated that little girl when she was born, but then had to put her to bed when she was 4, which was really, really hard, but the parents really wanted us there and so we became really good friends through that time and we still are now.
We've seen a few people really positively impacted by the gospel of Jesus.
Their lives being changed, baptisms have happened in the garden, which has been fantastic.
I feel honored to have moved here, you know that God gave us his house to live here.
I'm so pleased and amazed that He gave me a heart for the lost in Blacon and we are seeing fruit, you know, to see 3 baptisms in your back garden.
One of those baptisms was the mum who lost a the little girl.
Which was, just amazing.
She is now witnessing to her whole family, and she's just not holding back.
It's blown us away and it still blows us away now and we are expecting more, you know, we already want to plan the next set of baptisms and we are just discipling people on-going during the week.
So it's not just a Sunday thing, it's not just about come to church on a Sunday, it's about living it out.