Brett's life started to fall apart after his wife fell ill. Watch his story to find out how through his local church, Brett's life started to get sorted out.

Thanks to Tonbridge Baptist Church for producing this video.

I never used to believe in God
I thought it was a lot of old rubbish
And in 2007, my wife got really poorly
She was whisked off to hospital with meningitis
While she was in hospital she had various tests obviously and medication to help her through the pain
After about a month or so she come out but she was so poorly, really poorly
She spent about the next month and a half in bed only getting up to go to the toilet
Obviously I had to give up work to look after our three children
But I've never even cooked an egg before, let alone do the rest of the housework, the washing, the ironing, the hoovering
We had no money coming in 'cause I wasn't working
No one was really interested
As long as they got their money which of course I didn't have
The creditors were ringing me up every five minutes demanding their money
I was only getting about 2
3 hours of sleep at best, in the evening, well at night
Then one day I got a letter from the Council saying they was gonna take me to court 'cause I haven't been paying the rent
And I sat there and I just stared into space thinking, right this is it
We can't do no more
I don't know how I'm gonna get myself out of this one
I just sat there staring into space what seemed like hours
And I got up, went outside into the garden, I looked up to the sky and I said Father, if you're up there and I don't think you are, please Lord just come into my life right now
Come in and sort this mess out
I'm begging you please if you're up there, please help
So that night I don't think I got any sleep"
Woke up the next morning, went down to the Council to explain our situation, why we hadn't been paying the rent"
They sent me to Tonbridge Baptist Church and I spoke to a lovely man and he said right he said, "Let's get you some help
Let me worry about all your loans and all the money
And the next thing I know I had his lovely wife coming up cooking me really nice hot meals
Her friend was coming up to cook me hot meals
I had a lovely lady coming up to help me do all the housework and show me how to do the housework
Then I had someone else coming in to see if I was okay
Eventually all my loans got sorted out
My wife got much better
And I was laying there in bed one night and after thinking about it and the penny dropped"
I've been having this conversation with God and I'd asked him to come into my life and He'd done the exact what I'd asked Him to do"
And I just sat upright in bed and I put my head in my hands and I said, "Father Lord, please forgive me
Father please forgive me for me not thinking "you wasn't there and I've been a Christian ever since