Cassie had gone away from church, until a family crisis made her re-think her life.

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I thought I'll be a Christian when I have children or when I'm older and I'll send them to church and be godly like that.
My name is Cassie and this is my story.
I was raised in church, I wouldn't say that I had a relationship with Jesus, I was kind of going to church because it was fun, and because my friends were there.
When I was 15 I kind of fell away from church and got distracted.
I was a hard party goer, I like parties, like to go out, like to get drunk.
I was in a long-term relationship so I thought sex was okay.
I think that I was just putting a relationship with God off because it meant that I would need to change my life.
So we had a big family crisis which kind of brought me to my knees really and I've been blessed that all around me there were people encouraging me.
My fiancé's mum and sister were the ones who invited me to church and they had been inviting me for a long time.
Maybe a couple of weeks after I started going to church, I rededicated my life back to Christ.
What I didn't understand why I was so peaceful.
Because I was waiting to break and I just didn't.
I just continued to get stronger and stronger and to be able to encourage people.
And then I came across Philippians 4:
6-7 about the peace that surpasses understanding and I didn't know that scripture, but when I came across it that's when I understood why I'm so peaceful.
It's because Christ gave me peace, and he gave me strength.
Since becoming a follower of Jesus, I've changed more, mentally.
I've stopped a lot of things - I've restricted myself, and just mentally so much more peaceful and calm.
And I think it's made me a wiser person.
I guess that in situations you're not, you don't fret or your not worried or your not scared.
You recognise spiritual things and you know just to go straight to God and to pray.
I think a lot of people carry around a lot of guilt, especially those that have been at church before and then had strayed but they don't think that they're worthy of so many things and it's a deception.
Because Jesus forgives us completely and so you have to keep trying, because it's that continued relationship.
God is our Father so he wants to forgive us, He doesn't want to punish us and He doesn't want to stay angry at us.