Christine shares stories of how she shares her faith in Jesus.

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And it's really surprising actually how many people are open to talking about faith
My name's Christine and this is my story
I believe that God's placed us all where we are for a reason and I think that if I don't share my faith with the people that I've been put in contact with then maybe nobody else will because maybe they don't know any other Christians
So, at work they kind of know that I'm Christian and often I just get into really good conversations with people and I've been able to invite people along to events at my church
So, a friend of mine who I worked with met this girl who was moving to the UK and he connected her with me because she didn't know anybody in the UK
So, I invited her to church, so she came to church the next day
She just kept coming
I introduced her to friends of mine there
After she'd been here for two years she had to go back to Japan, and just before she left she told me that she'd become a Christian
God makes things happen in ways that you don't expect
There was one time when I was on my way to a friend's house for dinner and I decided to catch a cab, and he started talking to me about where I was from, and I told him that I was from Australia, so he started asking if I ever get lonely here, and that was just a great opportunity to start talking about my church family, and then he started asking me lots of questions about my faith and being a Christian, and so I was really happy to chat with him about it and then when he dropped me off I gave him this book and he was really open to receiving it so I did not see that coming at all
I haven't always been confident in sharing my faith
I guess in the past I'd been a bit worried about what other people would think, that they might think I'm bit of a weirdo but as I've grown and I've come to know Jesus better and understood and just grasped his love for me and what He's done it's really built up a conviction in me and just helped me be more confident
I find great comfort in knowing that Jesus says that He's with us
When he gave us the great commission He said that He'll be with us always, and I believe that includes when we're talking to people about Him