In her final year of university, Christine hit a crisis point, until a friend introduced her to Jesus.

Christine’s story was produced by Christian Vision as part of their campaign, yesHEis.

Three years ago, I became a Christian.
Before then, just before then, for around six months, my life was really downhill.
I was almost committing suicide because I just hated life, it was just too much for me, and life meant nothing at all.
At that time I was just finishing my degree in mechatronics at J.K.U.A.T in Kenya.
Life was just crumbling and I did not want to live anymore.
I looked at life in a very different mirror.
I thought I am studying so I can get a good job, then I can get a family, and then I can get kids, and then the cycle would continue for them and I just thought, this is just... It's, I cannot do this, you know?
And to think that one day I am struggling all this, and then one day, what really?
After working so hard and then you die and then what?
Just right before I crashed, really, a friend of mine came and talked to me about Christ and I became a Christian and since then life has never been the same.
I love, everyday I see the sun rising, it's another opportunity to do something good for someone else and really, for me that is what motivates me, that God has been so good to me and I want more people to come to know the goodness of God and to live a more hopeful life, not just thinking about today or tomorrow, and what are we, no, there is something more.
There's something greater than just thinking about myself, thinking about my career, thinking about future plans, marriage or kids and all these things.
There is something greater than all these things and to know that there is a person who actually gave himself, and he died himself, he took up all my sins so that I may be free, and to accept that gift actually and to live it out because he died, I can live.
That is really the major thing that I want people to know.
I want people to know that Jesus died.
They do not have to die in their sins, they do not have to die in hopelessness because Christ died for them, and it is that hope that we have, that I have, that I want many people to come to know.
Now, when I look at my life, I feel I have so much hope because of what God has done in my heart, because of what I know, because of who God is.
That I know him, and he loves me, and that he wants the best for me, and that has really changed me and I am now more hopeful.
I feel I can love people because I feel loved so I can therefore share the love that God has had for me.
I know there could be many people who are going through a downhill also or sometimes they just feel or get to a point like they feel they are crashing, but there is someone who is greater than all our problems and I want people to know about him.