Meeting Jesus through the Christian Motorcyclists Association, David found that he was not alone in his struggles with addiction and as a previous victim of abuse

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I had 20 pounds left in my pocket, I had my motorbike
I put my sleeping bag on my motorbike and I left at half past five in the morning to go find an answer
And I wasn't coming home until I found that answer
My name's David and this is my story
I grew up in Northern Ireland, born 1967
And I always remember my mom saying that I was special and that somebody was looking out for me"
In my early years, me and my sister were both abused by a family friend"
And I just remember thinking, especially more my teenage years, I thought, "You know what"
Who is this God
If I'm supposed to be this special person "why has this happened to me
Through my teens I did drugs, did glue, I did pretty much anything to try and get me away
And then I joined the army
And that kind of changed things a wee bit, I went from drugs to alcohol
And then that kind of fizzled out, I left the army and I started up my own business, became very successful
And at the time my business was, me, it's all I wanted to do it was
This was my baby, this is
And then I ended up going bankrupt
And again, I resorted to more drugs, more alcohol, to the point where I had a breakdown
I overdosed
My marriage fell apart
And I just had to do something
From that point I started getting what I call my pokes and my prods, where I'd be sitting just not thinking about anything and then all of a sudden thoughts of God, Jesus, what my life was about
A friend, a friend, I hadn't seen her for quite a few years
I didn't know that she was Christian"
I didn't know at the time that she belonged to the CMA, Christian Motorcyclists Association"
So I rocked up, she says, "Look we're going for a spin
Would you like to come with us"
So I rocked up there"
There was 12 guys and girls with white crosses on their back and I followed this white cross the whole way down the motorway and I was just like, "Do you know what
I can feel it now, it's like, "yeah, this is what I want to be doing with my life
For me was, the realisation that everything that had happened in my life to that point I realised that I wasn't the only person that this has ever happened to
And that's going from being abused as a child to my drug and alcohol to just, the chaotic
ness of my life
If it can happen for me it can happen for anybody
And I think, do you know, there's no one person that will not receive God's grace, do you know
But I think the hardest thing is you have to get over yourself, you have to forgive yourself