When Donna's son became ill she didn't know what to do, so she prayed to God and asked him to save her son.

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I didn't really use to come to church
I use to listen to them in town and thought - it's not for me.
My name's Donna and this is my story.
When I left school, we used to go
to this youth club.
And they did Christian stuff and everything.
And that night the guy said, if you want
to become a Christian put your hands up.
And obviously nobody could see us, so I put my hand up
Then after that night I thought nothing of it.
And then I carried on life, I had my children and
it wasn't until my son, he's 10 years old now, he was poorly at seven months.
He got put into hospital and they said
if he didn't pick up when he did -
he'd have to get put on tubes and he'd get put in a coma.
So I were obviously upset, these wires were all over him and I were crying.
I sat in hospital chair and I just said, I prayed to God:
"I said look if you are there and you can hear me please, basically save my son.
And next day they said he were perking up.
And I was like:
"oh wow"
So basically I prayed again saying thank you for the miracle.
I've grown in faith through
just trusting really, cos it is hard to trust,
you know, I've thought to myself "how can you trust someone if you can't
see them."
It is a bit hard but no you've just got to believe.
If you want to believe he's there, he will be there.
So yeah, I think he is there, even if you can't see him He's always walking with you.
Sometimes when I read the Bible, I look at it and I think "oh wow, I'm going through that."
Or "that's how you cope with that."
And different things I'm like, "oh wow, I didn't know that bit.
It's amazing because obviously it's a Bible and you think nought of it.
But actually it is quite interesting because you pick on little things that you don't realise are there.
Some of it I don't understand, but yeah it's a really good read.
And it has changed my fella as well.
I thought "nah he's never gonna change."
I don't know if he believed in it but he wouldn't.
And then one day, we had to do these things what God did in our lives.
He actually wrote something, and I was like "wow, did you really write that?"
And he said "yeah."
And I was so filled up, and I thought in my own head
cos I usually pray in my head.
I just said thank you to Him
because He actually helped him.
What Jesus has done for me?
He's done a lot for me, because back then to now
I wouldn't of done half of the stuff, that I've done.
He's made me do things that I didn't think I could do before.
Like stick up for myself more,
I've actually spoke up and He's
brought it more and more out of me
and it is amazing.
I didn't think, you know,
from looking back last year to now, I'm like
nah, I wouldn't have thought I'm the same person I have noticed bits yeah.
So yeah, it's a big impact - it's the best thing I did.