Waking up after another drunken night, Duncan decided to read his bible and his life was never the same again...

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I knew in that moment if I was to be judged and stand before God, I would be in serious trouble"
My name is Duncan and this is my story"
About the age I was when I was going to uni probably just about 19, that kind of age, my mum became a Christian, and I just kinda thought in my head, "this is one of Mother's latest kind of fads
I just kinda thought, "I wonder how long will kinda last
I actually, when I was at uni became quite atheist and there was something I found actually quite liberating about that"
You know there was kinda a sense of no accountability and I think in some senses that allowed me to kinda live the kinda life at university that I quite enjoyed really
One day, I went out with my friends and we'd all got kinda really drunk, and I remember saying out this rap to my friends, speaking this rap that was completely blasphemous I woke up the next morning, thinking, "what was all that about
Beside my bed, my mum had given me this Bible and I opened it at Psalm 50 which does begin, "Your mighty God "is coming out of Zion" The images they just became alive to me
God's kinda separating the righteous and the wicked
I felt at that point, actually God turn around to me, saying like, "now I'm talking to you" and these images started to flash up of like what I'd been doing things I just thought to be honest at the time when I was doing it, were just nothing
They were just light things
But all the sudden I just had this sense that where these words were coming from, was from someone that knew everything about me
Like in that moment, I knew that if God wanted to, He could have just smited me
The only thing I could feel to do was to keep reading"
So I went to the next Psalm
It says, "have mercy on me, O God, because of "your unfailing love, wash me
And these images again just came alive and I felt like I was being actually washed and the more I've understood it, that this was Jesus that was on my side
Because of what he'd done for me
That I could be forgiven
You kinda have this assumption, that you can't find the truth
But the first thing I've actually realised is we can actually find truth
I strongly believe that Jesus doesn't want us to be in any doubts about who He is
I know that I know who Jesus is and I'm so sure of God's love
It means everything to me, Jesus' forgiveness
Because it is the relationship in my life which is, unquestionably, the most dear and the most important to me now
I can say personally what I've seen from my own life, but if you're questioning, you have to go
it's okay to go to Jesus with these questions