Gill's story is one of huge tragedy and loss, but was transformed when she heard about the power of Jesus' forgiveness.

Thanks to Living Hope Community Church for allowing us to share Gill’s story.


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I had a privileged childhood and I went to Sunday school
My father always said God will never give you more than you can cope with
Sadly I lost both my parents, I got married, I had a baby girl and I separated from my husband all before I was 22
I left to go travelling with my three
old but after a long custody battle my daughter had to return to the Isle of Man
I thought God had already given me more than I could cope with, but bigger trials were ahead
After three years in Cyprus I remarried and had two sons, Alex and Eddie
Life was a struggle and this marriage dissolved
The boys and I came to the Isle of Man to be reunited with my daughter
After four years we all moved to Liverpool
Alex went to football college
He passed and he'd been offered a coaching position
Tragically, this was never to be
Whilst watching TV in a friend's house 10 doors away, Alex was murdered for no reason
In 2009 we came back to the Isle of Man
This was a struggle financially but it was the best decision I'd ever made
I ran a sandwich shop in Onchan where some customers who frequented the shop always said God bless to me when they left
I asked why they did that and they explained that they were Christians, and they invited me to church many times
Eventually I went and I felt an overwhelming joy, peace and happiness
Then at an Easter service I listened to a message about forgiveness and Jesus dying on the cross and forgiving us for all our sins
Something happened that day and I thought that's what I should do
I realised I would be set free and released of all the bitterness
Three years ago at a parole hearing I told Alex's killer I made a choice to forgive him
I had got to this point through accepting Jesus into my life
I had been lost, very angry, upset, resentful, bitter, twisted, always thinking bad thoughts towards his killer and wishing him harm
I prayed for the Lord to help and heal me, and since that moment I felt an overwhelming peace
No more sleepless nights, anxiety attacks, and all the anger towards him lifted from me
I think of Alex every day and all the happy memories
I can't change what happened but my faith has helped me move on
By forgiving, I gave up my right to revenge and Jesus set me free, releasing my anger, pain and hurt
It is the greatest gift to forgive others