Hannah came to faith through her friend and shares her story of how she then saw her family come to faith in Jesus.

My name is Hannah, I turned 16 a few weeks ago
The way I started come to church was from my best friend Jade.
She told me to come when we were about 11 and since I never really thought about it I just came for my best friend.
One year later when I was 12, I was like, "I believe in my best friend and she believes in God, so why shouldn't I?"
Two years later, after that, I got baptized cause I just started believing in God so much, that it got to me, and I wanted to get even closer to Him.
So on the same year of my baptism, I was involved in Mission Academy.
The verse that we spoke about, it was Matthew 5:15, "and let your light shine before others."
We should shine God on other people, if they haven't seen God we're showing them God.
I was involved in the Mission Academy service which is also when my Mum started believing.
The same way I believed in my best friend, Jade, she believed in me.
So she started believing in God, because I believed in God.
My Mum started coming to church and the whole family started coming to church.
I started bringing some of my friends.
I think what my friends see in me are the little light inside of me, like the light that shines out to show God.
Because I don't keep it in that I'm a Christian.
It doesn't matter if you're old or young or in school or in an office or any of that, you can still be a game-changer wherever you are.
There's nothing stopping you.
To be a game-changer you don't really have to do massive things.
It's not really that hard, you just do simple things, shining the light, showing your faith.
It's simple. 
You can change people by doing that you don't have to do a massive thing just to change everything.