Tonight, thank God it's Him: How Christmas songs remind us that the baby in the manger becomes the world's saviour

This spoken word piece was produced by the Evangelical Alliance with the support of

The bells start jingling
Mariah starts singling
Cinnamon and pine aromas cause us to remember
Families get tinseling, excitement tingling
For goodness' sake, it's only November
Because from the eleventh month the ballads begin
Catchy Christmas choruses cling to you and your kin
Top to toe in tailbacks
The boys of the NYPD choir
Chestnuts roasting
by now, surely burning
on an open fire
Shakin Stevens, WHAM
, Bing Crosby, Band Aid, Bublé, Slade
Wizard, do you really wish it could be Christmas everyday"
Think of all the shop assistants, six weeks of it to get through
As Bono said, "Tonight, thank God it's them instead of you
But above and around, beneath and beyond the modern Christmas ditty is a deeper song, eternity long
A melody of old, hear it unfold, the greatest story ever told
A hurting world, an angel's promise, a family scandal, a husband's fright, in the dark streets shineth the everlasting light
Where infinite influence omnipotence suppressed, the word becomes flesh in diapers dressed
The fabled stable becomes a crèche and blessed
As majestic God assumes mortal guise, lo within the manger lies, He who built the starry skies
See the real song of Christmas is more than just a carol
It's an anthem of atonement, a refrain of redemption
In our anguish heaven smiled
The song's composer becomes a child
Peace on earth and mercy mild
God and sinners reconciled
But the peril, the danger of 'away in a manger', is it can make our Christmas story stranger, and rearrange her from the game changer heaven
hell exchanger she is
Because the destiny of the Christmas baby was to die in our lieu
From fairytale birth to criminal's cross, tonight, thank God it's Him instead of you
So in the musical sweatshirts, the John Lewis adverts, listen, remember the song
In the activity remember the nativity your pain and shame undone
For to you a son is given
Over you a song is sung
But don't just remember, respond and surrender, for Christ the saviour is born