Having tried crystals, tarot, travel, escapism and more, Jennifer eventually found what she was looking for in Jesus

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I kind of came in kinda backwards, sideways into faith
My name's Jennifer and this is my story
I'd been bullied at school for many years
I'd gone to university but still felt detached and alone so I'd, yeah, I left uni and looked at different careers I just couldn't find identity
My way out of that was to go abroad and I was on holiday in Cappadocia which Paul writes about in the New Testament
I'd just got married five months before and within about a week or two of coming back from Turkey I was gone from my home
My eyes had been opened to the fact that I was not safe in my home
I was terrified
I'd done all these things, crystals, Tarot, everything, you name it, looking for Jesus
When I first got to church I was aware that the men, especially, they were very different in terms of conversation and respect and kindness and gentleness because I had not experienced that at all
I'd experienced anger, rejection, violence and I don't see those things
Not in my church, I don't see those, and it's, everyone is equal
Women are given space and a voice and love
All of the experiences I have come through in life it's all for redemption
A lot of time spent getting to know who God is through His word
It's God of the Bible first of all, that's what I knew, but it wasn't until the following spring that I realised it was Jesus
His suffering was greater than mine or anyone else's could ever be
He died and He visited hell and I felt it was really, very very tough and dark for me but I didn't do either of those things and he did that out of His love for me