After choosing to live for something bigger than herself, Jenny started 'BeLifted' to encourage others to worship Jesus while exercising

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Jesus has been through all of these things that we've been through, plus more
Why would we not give up everything that we have to serve an awesome God like that
My name's Jenny and this is my story
I grew up in a faith
based household
We would go to church every Sunday and it was great
I really enjoyed it"
The first year of uni, I really kind of slipped away from God
But throughout all that time, I just kept hearing something saying, "come back, come back
And I just kept on going, you know, finishing uni, graduated, and I got my first job
And, it was brilliant, I really really enjoyed it"
But then, I just found things starting to kind of crumble around me"
I still carried on, even though that voice was still saying, "come back, come back
And I remember, it got to a point where I was actually thinking, "I need to find a church
I literally ended up going to a church in St
Albans and on the screen was this lady, and she was basically talking about giving your life to something bigger than yourself
And I was like, that's amazing
Like, it's the complete opposite from everything that I've been told and yeah, I wanna be part of that
I just felt an urgency to be part of it
And I gave my life to the Lord that day, and I never looked back
And I know that Jesus transforms and for me, that's what Jesus did for me
He just transformed me
Took me from a place where I was self
reliant, to a place of absolute dependence on him
And, that's freedom
How BeLifted started, was I was really kinda fed up with all the kind of music that I used to hear in the gym that just wasn't edifying or encouraging
And I just thought, wouldn't it be great if you could combine worship music with exercise
You can listen to edifying music that speaks more to the spirit than to the flesh, and combine that with, you know, keeping fit
So, each month, we run exercise sessions
Everyone is welcome to come, whether you are a believer or you're not a believer
And it's all to the backdrop of gospel and Christian music
You're never gonna be perfect
Never ever gonna be perfect
Nothing is ever perfect
What we should be aspiring for is, especially as believers, as Christians, is being more Christlike
When it comes to body consciousness, and being secure in who you are, we have to go back to the word of God, and what does God say about us
God says that we're fearfully and wonderfully made
And God has made us all uniquely and differently
BeLifted is all about a mind and body workout, so you're not just coming to kind of, you know, get fit
That is a big part of it, but that's not the only part of it
It's also about, you know, a mind transformation
And once you have that mind transformation about who you really are, you'll do amazing things in the Kingdom of God