Two young women chat about who Jesus is to them, and what motivates them to share their faith.

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Jess and Rachel’s story is part of our #InspiringWomen series.

[Rachel] You know, life with Jesus is fun and it's hard but it's fun.
[Jess] I see that what that way of life offers is so much more than what the world's way of life has to offer.
Hi, I'm Jess.
And I'm Rachel, and this is our story.
[Jess] I think it's so easy to try and find approval in places that are not healthy, whereas when you know Jesus it's like you're accepted as a child of God already.
[Rachel] With God I don't have to fold myself up neatly, and I can be myself a lot more easily, and that confidence comes from Him, and I recognise my worth to Him, and that's the only opinion that matters.
Knowing the difference that Jesus has in your own life and seeing that difference in other people's life is just so inspiring because you want other people to be able to access that and to be able to experience the same transformation in their own lives.
How I share my faith with others is tricky and it's a scary thing to do and it's a scary idea, and it's a scary concept, but I talk to people, I like to talk, I'm a loud person.
There's been so many times where people have tried to quieten that voice.
You're always going to be too loud or too much for somebody, but I have a voice and it's a loud one, and it wants to speak for Jesus.
Seeing broken people and people who are genuinely hurting and knowing there are so many answers in the bible, you want to share your faith because you want to be able to help people.
When you so deeply want other people to know the truth as well, I think it's easier to be confident about your faith because it's not something that we should be ashamed of or something that we should try and hide, but I think actually, our faith is something that we should be proud of.
My two pieces of advice that I would give to any young person looking to share their faith or explore their faith, is to look for other people.
Doing something that big and new and scary on your own can be quite daunting, and looking for other people that you can lean on and ask for advice is a great way to grow in your own faith.
My other piece of advice that I would give is to just be open to it and just let go of any stigma that you might have and just being able to just say, look I want to start that journey, and know that God's got you and sharing your faith is something that we're still working on.
Asking questions is a really good thing.
If you have questions, that's more a reason why you should go to church and should try and find the answers to those questions and it's good to have questions but you need to make sure that you're asking them.
Faith to me is a personal thing but it's not a private thing.
We were made to share it outwards, we were made to share the glory of God, and I know it's such a necessary thing to do and it's something that I feel like I need to ask God to put on my heart a lot more.
Although we're fragile, God's power is within us and that enables us to share our faith with other people.