A career ending injury caused Joey to walk away from God and embrace a Hollywood lifestyle. Here's Joey's story of how God welcomed her back when it all came to an end.

Thanks to Tonbridge Baptist Church for producing this video.

When I was 17 two events happened that changed the direction of my life
I became a Christian and I discovered dancing, and not just that I enjoyed dancing but that I wanted to train professionally and that it was what I felt God was calling me too
And it was an incredible time in my life spiritually I was just flying, I felt like I was really hearing God speak to me
I gained a place to train professionally and went off to dance school and yeah it was just this amazing time, until my second year, when I sustained an injury that I was told meant I would never dance again
And I was completely heartbroken and I had to leave where I was living and move back home
I was just devastated and so angry with God, if God even did exist, you know if it had all been for real in the first place
And I ended up going and working in television, and moving in with a guy who was a producer
And when he moved to LA, I went with him
I guess I lived, for a few years, what one might call the kind of Hollywood party lifestyle
the drinking, the smoking, the A
listers and the drugs and all of that business
It was pretty wild and I knew it wasn't what I should really be doing but I didn't care, I was so angry"
The whole time throughout this I had a mate who was a Christian who would ring me every so often and just say: "Joey what you're doing's wrong
You know, it's not what God wants, you need to come home
When I eventually did come home, we met up and he took me to his church
And I'd always imagined that it was so amazing being a Christian with a testimony where, you know, you'd had this wild lifestyle and then you'd turned to God
But actually having done that and turning back to God was one of the hardest things I've ever done
And walking into that church I just felt so ashamed
A guy at the front of the church said that he felt there was someone that God wanted heal so that they could go back to doing the thing that they were called to do
And I went down the front, was prayed for and my ankle was healed
I went back to professionally training, although it was a tough thing to do taking those steps back to a relationship with God, I always thought I'd be a performer but actually I really felt God was calling me to become a teacher and I now work as a dance artist with young hard to reach people sharing my joy of dancing and being able to come alongside them through the experiences that I've had and just share something of Christ and what He's done for me