Doctors told Joyce she only had two and a half years to live, she shares her story of healing and hope.

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I'd accepted that I may not get healed and I may die and I'd come to that place where well, if that happens, if that's your will, God then I need to be right with you
My name's Joyce and this is my story
I went to the doctor's about 2010 with the symptoms and for two years they couldn't find anything wrong
I eventually saw a specialist who said no, it's not that, idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis, IPF and the diagnosis for that was 2
5 years to three years left to live
And the only help they could give me was a lung transplant, a double lung transplant but they said, the hospital said don't expect, don't build up any hope because you may not get one
When I first found out, it was obviously it was like a death sentence and when you're given that, and told you've got 2
5 years left to live, it robs you of your future
I did have a great faith in God, I still do and I knew that I wanted to glorify God
If was going to be ill, I wanted to glorify God in my illness
And I knew I had a choice
We're told and the Bible tells us finish well, run the race and finish well and I knew that I had to finish well and that was the choice I made
Up until about 2014 I slowly declined
I ended up on oxygen for 24 hours a day, extra oxygen
Some days I was in a wheelchair and most of the time I just couldn't move from the chair
So, coming up to Christmas December 2013, I was very, very poorly and we decided it would probably be my last Christmas and I woke up on Christmas Day with a chest infection and I knew that would affect my chances of having that call and being on the list, so I phoned them up and spoke to a transplant coordinator called Katie and I explained the situation and she said no, and go and get the antibiotics, Joyce she said because just think, this time next week I could be ringing you to say happy New Year, Joyce, we think we've got you some new lungs and if you're on antibiotics that won't happen
So, I went to see my doctor on the 27th, he gave me a five
day course of antibiotics which was less than normal
I took the last tablet on New Year's Eve and at 20 past five on New Year's Day morning the phone went and I answered the call and it was the same Katie from the hospital who said have you taken your antibiotics, Joyce
Are they finished
And I said yeah, and she said well, happy New Year, we think we've got you some new lungs, you need to come in straightaway
Death is inevitable and it's something that we've all got in common
I've been so blessed
God's given me a second chance, I've received that gift and I've had the second chance but I know one day that it will be time to go home and I just wanted my relationship with God to be right and I know when I get called home I do have a home to go to and I've got that hope
As Christians, we have that hope that life on earth isn't the end, we've got more, we've got eternity