Katie's life was defined by broken relationships until she discovered the power of a relationship with God.

Thanks to Living Hope Community Church for allowing us to share Katie’s story.

I wasn't raised in a Christian home.
My parents broke up when I was about four years old so the problems that you can imagine that will come from a divorce at a young age probably did, and I think the biggest one was broken relationships.
We were surrounded by people not speaking to one another, family members not speaking to one another.
So by the time that me and my brothers went to school and had our own problems to face, we modelled a lot of it off of our parents' divorce, because we didn't know what else to do.
We ignored people and we ignored situations and kept them at arm's length.
Because we were surrounded by problems like pride, stubbornness, and negativity, these were the things that we mirrored the most in our lives as we grew up.
I always believed in God because I went to a Roman Catholic primary school, so he was someone that was just spoken about in lessons and in mass all the time, so that wasn't really the issue.
The issue for me was the idea of a relationship with him and really understanding what Jesus did for us on the cross.
And I think as well, just this idea that God, that felt so far away, was actually someone who wanted to comfort you and wanted to help you and wanted to be that loving father that the Bible says that he is.
And I remember one night, in a cry of desperation, I sat on my bed and I kind of just shouted out, to God, "If you are so real, and if you are this person that wants to help us, then do something."
And I just picked up my Bible, not knowing how to read it and just opened to a random page and pointed at Psalm 40 and it said, "I waited patiently for the Lord and he turned to me and heard my crying."
And in that minute, I knew that it was God talking to me.
Similar to how a lion roars, you know that it's a lion roaring because of how powerful it is.
And in that minute, I knew exactly that God was speaking to me, and that he was gonna help me in these situations.
Since giving my life to Christ, he really has been so good to me.
He's restored all the broken relationships in my family and mended the brokenness that surrounded us.
He has blessed me with an incredible spiritual family and he drowns me with his
grace, love, and mercy every single day.
I've faced some tough situations since becoming a Christian, however, I've been able to do it with the strength of God and leaning on him.
I've been able to go overseas on mission trips and meet other people who are on the exact same journey as me.
God challenges me every single day to take steps and leaps of faith with the promise that he'll catch me every single time, even in ways that I wouldn't expect.
It really is true that God works in mysterious ways.