Kirstie struggled with self-harm and grief, but discovered healing and comfort after encountering Jesus at a summer camp.

Kirstie’s story was produced by Christian Vision as part of their campaign, yesHEis.

My aunt was like a second mum
She was always there for me, and I felt comfortable with her
I could talk to her about anything, even things that I couldn't with my mum
She was my security, she was the person who would stand up for me and make sure I was okay
And when I was eight, she passed away from cancer
I remember the day when she died
Everyone around me was really upset, but I couldn't cry, I couldn't show any emotion, so I kept all of my pain inside
At the time, it made me feel empty, yet so overwhelmed
I felt like I needed a really big hug
You feel helpless and vulnerable, and it's annoying because nothing that anyone can say or do will help you
When I was 13, I moved to Hong Kong, I was really sad to leave England, because that meant leaving all my friends and my home behind
I showed a lot of anger towards my parents
It was really hard for me to make friends at my new school, and I really struggled with the move
I started to show my emotion by hurting myself
I thought it was normal, but then I went to see a psychiatrist, and I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety
Throughout that time I was going to church, but I wasn't going for the right reasons
I remember being on holiday in the UK, and I was invited to this Christian event for young people
I'd been there before, but this time was different
I really let myself loose with God and became vulnerable
I didn't want to live the way that I was living anymore, and I just really wanted to give things to God
My biggest fear was seeing my parents in pain over the things that I'd been doing to myself, and I just couldn't bear the thought of that
So I remember being prayed for that night, and asking God if he's real, to show me
And that's when I felt His embrace for the first time
It was like that hug that I'd always wanted
I knew that this was when I needed to make more of an effort
I needed to read my Bible, and really know His word in order to get through my depression
Since I made the choice to follow Jesus, I've really gotten involved with church
I've made loads of friends, and lead a weekly Bible study group at my house
I feel so much happier, like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders knowing that God really values me, and He wants the best for me