Kwame talks about sharing your faith amidst possible setbacks

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He started off someone who didn't believe but was open to dialogue and through a transparent relationship we journeyed til he could hear the gospel and say yes
My name is Kwame and this is my story
There are oftentimes people reject the message and it feels like it's a rejection of us
This young guy came off a train station and I politely wanted to engage a conversation with him
He allowed me and the moment I started talking about Jesus he got so cross with me, he almost attacked me and I felt really bruised and battered and I went back and I cried and said God, I was just out there wanting to show some love
Nevertheless, I have sown the seed so you have the responsibility of watering it
A year later I met the same guy at church and he walked up to me and he said to me do you recognise me
I said oh, yes I do very well
I will never forget that encounter
So, I said so what's happen
He said, you know, since that day the message you shared with me it stayed with me, it set me on a journey and I found Jesus or Jesus has found me and today I'm training to become a pastor
So we never know what God will do with the situations that even seems like they are against us and those moments where it feels like we're being persecuted
First of all, I want to respect people
When you show respect to people they tend to show you respect back and open to what you have to share with them
Secondly, I learnt to listen to what others have to say and then you earn the right for them to listen to what you have to say
And then the last thing is people everywhere want to be loved and so, showing them love in very practical ways and even when they don't want to listen, show them respect and love by just chilling out and just handing the situation over to God in prayer
Remember, you have the most amazing story, it's worth sharing and not everybody may want to hear it but that one person who you may share with is worth all the trouble that you ever go through