Laura thought she was unlovable and that God couldn't change her life. Now she's helping others discover the freedom she's found in Jesus.

My name's Laura
I'm 38 years old
I started taking drugs at 13
By the time I was 16, I was already taking heroin
That started a lifestyle of madness for me
I was constantly in and out of mental institutions
I was depressed
I was lonely
I was thieving for my habit all the time
By the time I was 21, I'd lost my job
Around about that time, people came and told me about Jesus
Came and told me that he could set me free
He could do this, do that
I wanted what they had, but I carried too much shame
I carried too much pain
I carried too much guilt and I just thought that I was unlovable, that God couldn't come into my life and change the way I was
When I was 33, I was just not long out of prison"
I thought, "Is this it
Is this all there is for me
And I remembered back, when people were telling me about Jesus"
When they were telling me that he could come in, that he could change me
So, I went to a service one night and I said, "God, I want what they've got"
I said, "You need to come into my life
You need to help me
That night, I left Scotland and I came to Manchester and I went straight into rehab
It took two years and the drugs were the easy part
God showed me how much he loved me and showed me the reason for the cross
He took that guilt
He took that shame
He took that hurt and the pain
That was the game changer for me
I graduated the rehab programme, relearned my skills, retrained and worked my way up to be senior stylist in the salon and I help girls that come out of prison
I help train them, help them polish their skills and I don't just stay in the salon the whole time
I go into the prisons
I go into schools evangelising
Soup kitchens
I love doing it
I love reaching people that are still in the same place where I was
Being a game changer has given me my purpose back
(gentle piano music)