Liam shares his story of how he became a Christian and what excites him about the future

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And I love to speak to crowds of people and congregations and just talk to people about God.
My name's Liam, and this is my story.
I became a Christian, I think it were 3 years ago now, like and it was at like a kids club and we were praying and they said they were bringing the Holy Spirit in.
And one of my leaders came and touched me on my shoulder and were praying for me.
I felt like something was really connected and it was really kind of weird, I mean for a kid and I didn't know what were happening and then people explained it to me and it just all made sense to me, and I started thinking about how my life, how it would all impact me if I did start believing in God and have a big faith.
Since I became a Christian, I read the Bible a lot more, I read it on a night time sat with my reading glasses like an, old person really sat reading my Bible.
I pray a lot, before I go to bed, I pray before eat.
I bring God to my friends, because I bring them to church and I bring them to the youth club that I go to.
And they'll share stories, and tales, and different things from how people have came to meet Jesus.
And they love it and I get them involved with things I do, like with events that my local church does.
We get a lot of younger kids involved as well, like we'll invite them and we'll show them how to meet Jesus, but through a fun way and through the eyes of kids.
The impact that Jesus has had on my life is a great impact you could say, because He's made me a lot happier now, and a cheerier person and to see things through his eyes.
The thing about Jesus that makes me want to follow him even more, is the fact that he is there for me now he's always going to be with me, and he's always going to talk to me, and he's going to help me through my life and as long as I've got him to help me I can help others.
Things I am excited about in the future with my life as a Christian, would be to help more people and just have a chat with them about my faith and things and just talk to people about God.
I'd love to start doing that and maybe be a preacher when I'm older.