Lynne first encountered God while laying the table for Passover...

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I just felt totally, utterly loved
And I had never had that feeling in synagogue
My name is Lynne
This is my story of food and faith"
Well I was 40, and I was in the synagogue, and every time they opened the arc to bring out the scrolls, people stood up and then when it was finished they sat down
And suddenly it just all became meaningless, and I said, "God, there has to be something more "to a relationship with you than this "and I want it"
I was getting ready for the Passover, where we take everything that is leaven out of our house and we prepare a special meal"
And the phone rang, and it was the estate agent to tell me, "we're terribly sorry, the woman has taken the house off the market
And I called out, "God, if you're there, I really need you"
Because I had nowhere to go, but I had to leave my house within six weeks
And I just heard a voice say to me, "what have you just done
And I was terrified because there was no one there"
And the voice said, "I asked you a question"
What have you just done"
And I said, "I've just changed the house over for Passover"
And the voice said, "what is the Passover"
And I said, "it's when God"
and I realised who I was talking to, and I said, "it was when You led the Israelites "out of Egypt
And He said, "well, why don't you put your faith in me the same way as your ancestors did
And that was at a Passover meal, and of course then I didn't realise He was the Passover lamb that takes away the sin of the world
It was only when I became a believer, and the whole of the Passover made sense, because He fulfilled every single aspect of the Passover, down to the last detail
The first time I walked into the Iranian church, I never thought I'd be accepted
But in a strange way, I had never really felt fully accepted with my own people
I was welcomed with open arms"
I just felt so much part of the family
And one day, as I was sitting looking around at my new friends, having a real family, god said, "now you know why I never let you fit in before
What's amazing for me is now that I'm Christian, I'm not just with Jewish people
In our church, there are 30 different nationalities
So when we come together for a celebration, everyone brings traditional food
And it is just so wonderful, that sense of belonging
So faith and food to me just go hand in hand