Maryane believed she was living the dream.

She then began to realise her choices had left her trapped in a world she no longer wanted to be part of.

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My heart was constantly racing, I just wanted to get there and my mind would go far to, like, this new dimension of pleasure.
You don't know where you are, you don't know what's going on, you just know that you are having a great time and you feel like the luckiest person alive.
That was my main goal in life:
get money and spend having fun.
I was lucky to have found out a lifestyle like that.
You soon find out that - the only thing that helps you enjoy to the fullest is the feeling that the drug can give you.
The amount of drugs that I was taking wasn't working for me anymore.
I would go from sober to paranoid, the life that I love so much suddenly wasn't real.
The friendship, the happiness, the high, I didn't know how to find that again.
The only solution was to try new things and try and get back into that moment of happiness.
So this day I got a message from a friend on facebook and she started talking to me all about this strip club where she was working, and she invited me to come along with her because she was making a lot of money.
So I calculated everything, I could pay for my degree, I could go festivals abroad, buy drugs and everything.
So I was like okay i'll just give it a try.
When I walked into this strip club for the first time, I just looked around - I felt worthless.
I couldn't believe believe where I was, the place where I found myself at.
And I met this guy and began to talk and I kind of told him how I felt about the strip club and everything.
So he offered me a lot of money to just stop doing that.
After that I just found myself dating him.
But the fact that he would give me money, he would take me places, and he would promise me like a career and everything.
For some reason I was just trapped.
My choices would just destroy me.
So even though I had the money to sustain the lifestyle that I wanted, I reached the lowest point of my life.
I didn't even know who I was anymore, why I was doing those things, why I couldn't stop it.
During this time, that girl that I was going clubbing with, her mum found out that she was doing drugs and she made us promise that we would go to church with her.
I found myself sat in this bible study, listening to this woman.
She talked about what it is not to know God - it was like she was describing my whole life and I just felt really upset and ashamed."
Then she played a song and asked us to try and sing along to it and the lyrics of the song were:
"Jesus Christ change my life and he's the light, that lights my path.
But I couldn't sing to the song, I couldn't relate to it, it wasn't true to me.
All I could do was cry.
They all came round and prayed for me and that's when I heard God saying:
your mine, I love you.
That's when I felt, like, his love towards me in a way, like, I'd never felt before.
Because no matter what I did, no matter what I've done, He still loved me.
He still wanted to be near me.
It completely changed the course of my life It was like finding a treasure.
There's no party in the world, there's no drugs, there's no money that can pay for the relationship He has to offer.
I have peace now and it's not like that fake love I used to think I had.
It's true, it's real and it's, yeah, it's life-changing.