From the EDL to follower of Jesus, Neil's story shows the amazing power of the gospel to change anyone's life.

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(orchestral music) - Born in 1969, from Preston.
Me mum had me.
She wasn't with me dad.
Then she got introduced to another fella.
They had two children.
It was always about them, not about me.
During the time of early age, he sexually abused me.
I got told later on, when I was about six or seven, that who I thought was me dad, was me stepdad.
I thought he was me dad, but he wasn't.
So, I rebelled against everything what he said, completely, about going to school, everything like that.
Then, after that, I just got into crime, robbing houses, breaking into cars, robbing money.
Certain things, aspects of it all, burning down places.
I did all that, you know what I mean.
Then, I went into care.
I went into care when I was 12.
Went home when I was 16.
Went to a nightclub, met this girl, this girl I went out with.
She broke me heart.
I saw her on the bus with this lad.
I was running after the bus, got on the bus.
I battered the lad, left him with bruises on his face, cuts on his head.
I was into me EDL, national front because me kid brother, me little brother, Leon, got killed by an asian driver.
Hit and run.
He was in hospital.
He died.
The asian person got four years.
I had a lot of anger of it all, a lot of it hatred against any kind of Muslim, Asian, doesn't matter which culture it was.
I used to just, if I saw one, I just used to run over and hit em.
Then, I went to an away game to Scunthorpe.
There was fighting going on in the crowd."
We just jumped in.
I went home, saw the blood on me, cuts and bruises, and I said, "I love this.
So, every single time I went to an away game, I used to fight.
Organising it, hanging round with the wrong crowd who I thought they was true mates, and I just made a name for meself.
There's one person especially who brought me to the Lord, and that's Scott.
My wife was going to a group called the Godsquad.
She's always believed."
So, I was down at me daughter's house and he came to see her by picking me daughter up, me wife up, and me son up."
On his way out, he just said, "Neil, I'm going to invite you to the group tonight.
I said, "I'll come.
20 minutes into it, tingling, all over, from head to toe, and Scott looked at me and I said "I can't handle that."
What is going on here right now."
Can you tell me?
He said, "What's up.
I said, "I fought it for 20 minutes."
It went away."
Next minute, it's come back even stronger.
He said, "That's the Holy Spirit.
Got people prayed over me.
I felt something there.
I felt all the warmth.
I felt relaxed, what I've never felt before."
Me family back in England don't believe how much I've changed.
But me granddaughter, her mum said to her, "Have you noticed anything with your Granddad since he's been going to church?"
And she's turned round and said, "Yes, he's much calmer.
He's understanding, and you can have a good laugh with him.
I've had five grandchildren who's come to the Lord.
I've got me daughter, I've got me wife, I've me son who has come to the Lord.
We all got baptised last year, and what a fantastic day that was.