Nicole wasn't getting the right support for her PTSD until a friend invited her to meet Jesus at a school lunch club

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I really was a shell of the person I am now
My name's Nicole and this is my story
So, at about four years old my mum left my dad with me and my little brother
It was just really a time of a lot of trauma in my life
We were in two fires and then my nextdoor neighbour got stabbed
I would have flashbacks to the fire where I would be in total darkness and so frightened, and I just remember feeling really helpless at a really young age
And, as a family, it did really break us
So ten years ago trauma wasn't really something that young girls were known to experience
it was soldiers, it was people much older than me
I just wasn't really getting the help that I needed
And I made friends with a girl who was a Christian
She encouraged me to come to the Scripture Union club that our school ran, then I heard the gospel for the first time
I heard the good news"
I heard about a God who was loving and who loved me, and who made me, and who had a plan for my life, and a purpose for it
I wanted to know more about that God and I prayed, I was like, "If you're real, Lord, I really want to know you "and I want to follow you, "and I want to accept you as my Saviour
And I just remember this overwhelming peace just feeling like, actually, God was just present with me there, and I don't think that feeling's ever left me
I decided that, actually, I was ready to be baptised
I feel like, at that point, I would say I was healed from the trauma that no doctor, no counsellor, no psychologist had been able to heal
My life wasn't bound by trauma anymore, my life wasn't bound by the past either, and I really had a new life
I am extremely passionate about politics
I felt like a lot of the politicians weren't really reflective of me and didn't represent my experience in life
And, as a young female Christian, I'd like to try and just be a voice in politics
Sometimes I feel like I don't speak very eloquently, or I get my words mumbled up, but I don't want that to stop me because I know that God's at work through your words and that, actually, He wants you to share what He's done in your life