Rosie got baptised when she realised Jesus wasn't asking her to be perfect, and now shares her faith by living her life for Him

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He loves us no matter where we've come from and no matter what we've done
My name's Rosie and this is my story
When I went to uni, I never really went to church in term time but when I went home I went to my home church
And I did that for about three years, and it was fine and I was enjoying my life
But I didn't realise how far I had kind of strayed away I suppose from the church
I was living much more for the world and that kind of lifestyle rather than who I'd been called to be by God
It was more I would say after uni, in my final year that I really had just a deeper understanding of why I wanted to be a Christian, and really owned it for myself
It was more of my personal faith"
After uni, I was working away trying to get into conservation and just couldn't get anywhere at all
And then randomly this job in Stirling came up, for three months, so I was like, "oh, I'll just go to Stirling
And I got the job, and it wasn't really what I wanted to do a hundred percent and here I am about two and a half years later
I was baptised just December just past
So I'd been wanting to get baptised for a while
I just got to a point, I was like, "oh I'm 25, and I've always believed in God, I don't know why I've not been baptised"
Because in the Bible it says believe and be baptised
And then I'd been like, "oh yeah, I believe and then I'll
I kind of, I don't know why but I thought I needed to get my life together, I needed to become perfect or become a really good, perfect Christian and then get baptised, and it doesn't work like that, God's not asked us to do it like that because, yeah no one's going to be a perfect Christian
I feel I share my faith with Jesus through living a life for Jesus
Some of my best friends are non
Christian, and I think just living a life for God and them seeing you getting excited about Jesus and excited about God is just so fantastic and seeing that it isn't weird to love Jesus
It's really normal and it's really fun
Everyone has a story to share about their journey with God, so even if you have always known God, you still have a journey because everyone's life is different, and yeah you can help people who maybe are struggling with their faith through sharing your story and inspire them maybe to believe in God