Roy reflects on 90 years of faith, from meeting Jesus through his wife, to finding His comfort after she passed away.

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Well, He's made all the difference in the world, obviously, I just can't imagine my life without Him being in my life.
And He's been in my life a long, long time.
More years than I like to think, quite honestly.
My name is Roy, and this is my story.
I came to faith, really, around about the time when I got engaged to my wife.
I went to the Salvation Army mercy seat and I can see it now, but I would be around about 10, not fully understanding what it was really about.
It wasn't until I came back out of the Forces, when I would be around 20/21 and getting engaged to my wife, who was a fully committed Christian.
Once I decided we would get engaged, it was then that I realised that Jesus, I had to open the door for him.
We were able to share our bible reading together and that lasted for 60+ years and I counted that an incredible privilege.
I'm not quite sure whether I would have kept faithful, if it hadn't have been for my wife, but she would say, "Just remember who we're faithful to."
And, yeah.
So, I have much to thank her for.
Thank the Lord for, as well, for bringing us together.
Ninety! Gracious me!
But there it is, I am and I'm still able to go along to the Salvation Army on regular services, but I'm also able to go along on a Wednesday and work in the office.
Had a fellow come in only today, needing some food.
Somebody that was needy.
He did say to me, "Why do you do this?"
And I said, "It's because I'm a Christian and I have the love of the Lord and therefore, I should have love for other people and that's why I'm anxious to help you."
I think the opportunity is given to you by the Lord.
The opening comes and you've got to be willing and ready for that.
So, once we sow a seed, then the Lord will then bring it to fruition.
The most difficult time, of course, was three years ago, when my wife passed away.
I found that extremely difficult to cope with and I think it was my prayer life that really got me through that.
I found the Lord much closer since then.
Well, it's a wonderful experience, isn't it?
Being able to share it with the Lord. The King of Kings. Somebody really special.
He's faithful, because He loves me, and I find that incredible, because, at the best of times, I fail Him.
There are times when I ought to speak up and I don't, knowing that He would be there to back me up.
His word tells me that He will be faithful to his promises and yet I still let Him down.
But at the end of it all, He loves me and I find that just incredible.
A minister in the town here was at the Seaman's Mission and a great fellow.
Didn't matter what it was, he would spiritualise it.
And speaking to a colleague of his, he was telling me he said, "If everybody was like Malcolm, there would be queues at the church doors to get in."
And I would just like to think that people will give the same tribute to me, when my time comes to meet Father.