Ryan was caught up with drugs and in trouble with the police, until an encounter with Jesus transformed everything.

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Every week I said I was gonna go and I just remember Jesus was drawing me.
But at this point I didn't know that it was Him, now I do.
Hello, I am Ryan and this is my story.
I first encountered Jesus in a home in Coleraine with my now wife, Sarah.
But it was completely at a random moment, it was just out of my normal routine of what I was involved in.
But I suppose He just captured my attention for a moment.
And I remember getting sent this Billy Graham, The Cross, video and I went on YouTube and I seen that it was 29 minutes long.
I was like pfft, I don't think I can watch 29 minutes worth of stuff.
But anyway, I clicked play and I was captured and I remember he was just very direct about Jesus changing your life.
I almost got this fear, and I cried and cried and cried, and just wept on my bed,
And then I text Scott and I just said, "Listen, like, if you're ever setting up one of these meetings, like, I'm gonna come."
And for about seven weeks I didn't go but every week I was saying I was gonna go, and I just remember Jesus was drawing me.
But at this point I didn't know that it was Him, now I do.
He's made all the difference in my life.
The impact that He's done through my family, even just from one encounter, actually how just the story that I carry travels through the community, and He's transformed my drug addiction.
The money that I had, I gave it up for Him.
So the impact that you know.
And my wife as well, I'm a loving person, I love people, I'm a people person - I'm not selling them drugs anymore.
So when I'm with my brother or when I'm with my friends I'm always bringing the Kingdom there.
And even though it might not be like, 'Jesus at the Door', miracle question, 'Alpha' but it's just loving them and knowing that, letting them know I am a Christian.
I did Alpha with a police officer and I remember, I remember like going, "I know this guy."
And then I can see him looking at me funny and I was like, "How do I know you?"
And he was like, "I'm a policeman."
And then he was like, "I know you, Ryan."
And so we became friends, like he runs the Alpha with me now.
But the first time we prayed for the Holy Spirit to come, I laid hands and prayed on him, prayed for him and he encountered Jesus for the first time.
And that for me was like a massive step for me.
Police was my enemy, police were the, you know, the camera was following me all the time and I was getting really, really into bother with them and to have a policeman be in partnership with me through Jesus and 'Alpha', that was amazing for me.
I mean, we've seen salvations.
We've seen loads of people give their life to Jesus through 'Alpha' but it's the wee stories like that and the friendships that build that really mean a lot to me.