As a biochemical engineer, Sanjay thought Christians had bizarre and unfounded beliefs, until he met some and investigated further...

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And that was the biggest shock to me: that Christians are normal
My name is Sanjay and this is my story
When I left home, I did a degree and then I did a Master's and then I did a PhD
I think that led me to then I went on to do research in biochemical engineering
So I was educating myself, learning, not really interested in God at all
There can't be a God as far as I was concerned then
If you just look at the world, how can there be a God"
I asked the same questions every atheist asks
I would say that the world was created not by God but by reactions that are quite complicated, but there's always the question, "so what came before that
You think there has to be more
My wife at the time was working, so I looked after the children"
We had two, then we had three, so I met a lot of the women in the church with their children
Some of the ladies said, "oh come to our church, come in, come through
And I said, "I'm not coming in your church building"
I'm not coming, I know what you're trying to do
It's not gonna work
Here I am today, and they didn't con me, they didn't trick me
I didn't fall into Jesus by trickery or anything like that
They taught me and they taught me in a very nice way
So they were alright
I thought, "these women are great
They're alright, they're normal
Nothing wrong with them
I wonder what their husbands are like"
They must be a bit geeky
They must be Christian weird men
And then I met with the men and it was amazing because they were just like me
We believe in things that there are hardly any manuscripts about and any data and we believe them and yet there are thousands of manuscripts about Jesus and we don't believe that
So, it doesn't add up and you have to look at what, even scientifically, you have to look at what's there and then look at it
It points to the Bible and it points to Jesus was there, He did exist, He is true, He was the son of God and all those things
It's pretty amazing when you wake up
So I know I'm a sinner and I know I needed to be saved and once I understood sin, then it became clear cause I know I've been saved from all the things I've done
It's amazing Jesus did that and I'm forgiven